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Dollar/Thrifty Car Rental in St. Maarten is happy to provide you with our ever popular all-inclusive specials! We can provide you a flat rate for any class of vehicle that includes full comprehensive insurance and all taxes and fees. This can also be extended to include additional drivers and/or baby seats. Please consider this offer, as it provides you with big savings versus if you booked everything 'straight-up'.

Please email us or simply call us Toll Free at 1-866-978-0932 (from U.S.) or 1-416-628-2863 (from Canada) and ask to speak to Jag or Vic for our all-inclusive pricing.
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If you have any questions and you do not see the answers below, please send us an email and we will be glad to help you. Contact Us.

Where may I drive my rental car?
Rental cars are authorized anywhere in St Maarten / St Martin, but don't forget that here we drive on the right side of the road. Certain trails are not suitable for luxury cars and they should be avoided. If you really wish to explore off road trails you should consider renting an all-terrain vehicle.

Can anybody else drive my car rental?
Yes, providing that he/she meets all rental requirements and is listed on your Rental Agreement as an additional driver.

What if my departure flight is prior to the opening of the car rental office?
When you rent your car, return arrangements will always be made. The car rental may arrange to have you leave the car at the office, at your hotel or at the Airport whichever is most convenient for you.

How about right of way on roundabouts?
Vehicular traffic on the roundabout always has the right of way.

Are there parking restrictions?
Please be aware that both capitals of our dual nation have strict parking enforcement. Please use indicated parking areas, even if you see other people park in areas you may deem as parking spots, they may be restricted or even prohibited. A towed away car is always a waste of money as well as time consuming to retrieve.

A word of caution!
Never leave valuables in your rental vehicle. Not even for 2 minutes. Please drive cautiously. St. Maarten people are very courteous and give other drivers a break to enter or leave the traffic stream and so may stop abruptly without apparent cause.

Are the cars air conditioned?
Yes! All of our cars are fully air conditioned.

Do your cars have power steering?
Yes! All of our cars have power steering

Are your cars equipped with seatbelts?
Yes! All of our cars have front and back seatbelts.

In the event of a flat tire, are your cars equipped with the necessary tools?
Yes! All of our cars have the tools necessary to change a tire.


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